TDI Podcast: High Jump Over A Low Bar (#633)

A mixed week for markets as economic growth slows. An earnings season scorecard – let’s just say that a high jump over a low bar.

Clips from my media appearances this week, listener questions and a hodgepodge of topics.

Plus – how much time are you spending on your own personal finance?...

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TDI Podcast: Zero is the Big News (#631)

Goldilocks is in the house!  WeWork – Looking at the ramification of a deal gone bad. Market Breath questions – Participation waning.

Historic events in the investment world – yes, ZERO commissions is the now new normal – but at what price? Will there be a massive industry consolidation?


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TDI Podcast – Stylizing Your Portfolio (#630)

Headline Bombs thrashing markets and stocks end the week on a sour note.

We are heading into the end of the quarter with the small-cap growth sector entering correction status.

An important discussion about “style” diversification.

Heavily shorted stocks reverse. The Fed drops rates and oil spikes on Middle East tensions.



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TDI Podcast: Repo Market Chaos = POMO (#629)

Something doesn’t pass the small test in the overnight lending markets. While the Fed considers it a technical matter – they are now liquefying these markets through Permanent Open Market Operations (POMO) – The first time the Fed has stepped in since 2008.

Heavily shorted stocks reverse.  The Fed drops rates...

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TDI Podcast: An Unbearable Internal Struggle (#628)

Tensions in the Middle East as two Saudi Arabian oil installations are attacked by drones. Oil prices should see some serious volatility in the near future.

Heavily shorted stocks get a boost this week – some up 50%, 60%, 70% as algos drive a short-squeeze.

Plus,  a look into two really interesting...

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TDI Podcast: You Are In A Filter Bubble (#627)

Confirmation Bias and Filter Bubbles – exploring the differences and the harm they may cause your portfolio.

Plus, a look into a “mall retail” operation as a short candidate.

Listener questions and more…


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eNVESTOLOGY Webinar Replay

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TDI Podcast: Millennials and Hurricanes (#626)

Erin Lowry, author of Broke Millennial brings us some great insights and tears down some misconceptions about millennials.

We also take a look at Hurricane Dorian and look how people plan and react – there are some interesting similarities that can be learned as investors.

Erin Lowry is the author of Broke...

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TDI Podcast: The Pulse with IBD’s Chris Gessel (#625)

Chris Gessel of IBD explains how Investors Business Daily finds their top stocks and some of the screening criteria to hone in on the IBD50.

Yes, this is a trade war and has just heated up. More tariffs and a greater level of eco hate was just announced. Markets are not...

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TDI Podcast: Long Fuse – Can We Handle The Truth? (#624)

Back from South Africa and I have a few important observations. Aside from what is happening there – much of the recent out-sized moves for bonds and equities need to be explored.

More importantly, we are being stuffed with a bunch of solid waste by the Fed and central banks around...

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TDI Podcast: The Show Must Go On! (#623)

As I am somewhere in between a glass of red and a charging Rhino – let’s agree that the show must go on!

In this episode we tackle listener questions – you asked and this episode is full of answers.

Thanks for all that provided the requests that helped make this show...

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TDI Podcast: Hide Your Treasure (#622)

Adam Wright has a problem with spending. His idea is to create an augmented reality game to help himself (and others) to save more and spend less.

The latest GDP report as well as earnings season are keeping investors interested in buying everything they can. Tech is looking pretty good –...

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TDI Podcast: Fix That Alpha Leak – Essentia Analytics (#621)

Clare Flynn Levy, CEO of  Essentia Analytics explains why behavior tracking is essential to better performance. Just like elite athletes, investors need a data-driven feedback loop to improve.

We also cover listener questions in the episode as well as economics, earnings and plenty more.

Prior to founding Essentia, Clare spent 10 years...

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