TDI Podcast: Left Brain Research (#645)

Noland Langford, founder of Left Brain Research is our guest this week. We get right into questions about conflict of interest and then move on to the topic of fundamental analysis.

This episode starts with a quick recap of the week as well as a look at the newly signed trade...

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TDI Podcast: Buffing Up on Defined Outcomes (#644)

Earnings Season is right around the corner and we are looking to see if expectations will meet reality.

The unstoppable stock market keeps on rallying even as tensions in the Middle East continue to simmer. At the same time, we are waiting for the Phase 1 Trade Deal to be...

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TDI Podcast: DataMattas – Everything Cycles (#643)

Out with the old, in with the new. The data does not seem to matter – what (if anything) will change that?

A deep dive into the highlights of 2019.

QuantaFundaTechna – what type of analysis technique to use when MOMO takes over.

Plus a look at the PEG ratio, multiple expansion and...

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TDI Podcast: Investing – Harder and Easier (#642)

Back from a cruise to nowhere and the Santa Rally is alive and well.

2019 –  the upside down of 2018 and thoughts on 2020.

Investing has become easier and harder along the way. Exploring the changes over time.


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Looking for style diversification? More information on the TDI...

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TDI Podcast: Planning to Plan (#641)

Markets Rising into the end of the year and investors sloughing off Impeachment.

Fed on Hold – through 2020? Tax Changes for retirement plans coming…

Plus – a quick discussion of market moving resolutions and some thoughts on how to plan to succeed.


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Looking for style diversification?...

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TDI Podcast: Last Minute Tax Tips (#640)

CPA, Adam Spiegel is our guest this week. It is a great time to start thinking about last-minute tax savings ideas and Adam provides several useful tips.

At the top of the show, we spend some time talking about the no-deal trade deal and the likely impact on markets over time.


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TDI Podcast: Turkey Trot (#639)

Yes, it is QE4. We lay out the reasons for the market rally as well as why we are seeing the continuation of a move higher.

An update of economics as well as insights on the status of the trade deal.

Plus – listener questions answered.

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Looking for...

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TDI Podcast: Meb Faber on Valuations and Investor Bias (#638)

Meb Faber is our guest for this week’s show. We get to know Meb a bit better and discuss topics ranging from home country bias, valuations, benchmarks to his current market outlook.

We start this episode with a quick look at the week that was and what to expect for the...

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TDI Podcast: Enhanced Fundamentals Through ESG Analysis (#637)

Robbie Miles, CFA on the topic of ESG analysis. A relatively new component of fundamental analysis that looks like it is going to gain popularity.

We take a look at why this matters as an analysis tool and how it is being applied.

Plus, an update on the trade war, markets and...

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TDI Podcast: Streaming Wars with Frank Curzio (#636)

Frank Curzio is back and he has plenty of ideas to share. In particular, one popular stock that he says is a short right now.

Plus, we get into the business of streaming to get Frank’s take on the potential losses that will build up. If that isn’t enough, we spend...

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TDI Podcast: Check Yourself Before You… (#635)

The Fed cuts rates again and manufacturing slumps deeper into contraction – BUT the employment report soothes recession fears.

New highs for markets, although not all stocks are participating.

Taking a close look at fundamental and technical readings as compared to historical levels.

Link to watch Andrew on – Investor Business...

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TDI Podcast: A High Tide Lifts All Ships (#634)

Remembering some of the lessons from savvy traders and what not to fight as markets move toward all-time highs.

Taking a look at the convergence of influences that are impacting stocks and what to make of these.

Plus – reading into the latest earnings season and the Fed’s upcoming meeting.


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