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TDI Podcast 163: Najarian – The Goldman Sachs (GS) Fetish

Guest: Jon “DRJ” Najarian discusses the markets, options and some of his favorite stocks. We also get into the markets of late and how Thursday was a day that appeared that all was fixed…but was it? Andrew starts off with some economics and market internals. Lots more….


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TDI Podcast 116: MONSTER Stock Ideas (Najarian Style)

Guest: Jon Najarian and Andrew discuss a ton of stock ideas and option opportunities. We explore China solar plays, as well as many other ways to seek profits.


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Strategy Lab: The Impact on the Market from Option’s Expiration

(From my latest journal entry for the MSN Strategy Lab. Take a look on the left at the current standings)

In this volatile market, contracts on options have become increasingly more expensive. This is because the main pricing components of options are: expected rate of return,...

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TDI Episode 50: The Analysts are Wrong (DUH!)

Guests: Adam Warner, Professor Woolridge and Gal Arav. In this episode, we explore three topics of interest. First we get the lowdown on options with Adam Warner. Then we find out from Professor Woolridge that stock analysts usually predict earnings to be higher than they actually are. Finally, Gar Arav introduces his newest technology wonder, Newsflashr.

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