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Report on Mutual Fund and ETF Outflows

Domestic Mutual Funds and ETFs continue to show outflows as reported by Trim Tabs. It appears investors are rotating to more conservative investments despite the underlying rally in stocks. See report below.
TrimTabs Estimates All Equity Mutual Funds Post Outflow of $10.7 Billion in Week Ended Wednesday, March...

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Video: WSJ on 2X ETFs – “Steer Clear”

The Wall Street Journal is now in the action with their comments on double leveraged ETFs. This is a cursory look at the issue that is getting some attention, but it fell short of providing any usable information.

SEE – TDI Episode 90: The Everything ETF Episode (Part 1)

Clearly, we were...

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The Magical Cure for ALL of Our Investment Woes…

American Funds has recently put out a concerning report on their website. It is aimed at advisors who are looking for ways to approach their clients to help smooth over any hard feelings from the pain and harm inflicted during 2008 on buy-and-hold mutual fund portfolios.

My first question is: Where...

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Profitable Resolutions for the New Year

It seems that the commitment made to resolutions each New Year is such a common pastime that the United States government actually has a web page dedicated to the “Top New Year‘s Resolutions.” According to the “government-made-easy” site (www.usa.gov), there are a dozen or so popular resolutions that we seem...

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TDI Podcast 17: From Seat 3A

From Seat 3A on the way to Russia. Review of CROX trade (OH YEAH), an idea for profiting from Apple iPhone. Blackrock IPO went south, no kidding..was only setup to benefit the insiders anyway. We discuss the opportunities in Northern Europe. Chatting from 35,000 above the Atlantic.

Book Pre-orders are...

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TDI Podcast 12: Shorting for Profits

Interview with Rydex Funds Director of Portfolio Strategies, David Reilly. Listener questions are answered. Andrew’s book is finally going to print! Hedging strategies discussed for the average investor.

In 2004, David joined Rydex as director of portfolio strategies. David has been instrumental in the development and the launch of Rydex...

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Mutual Fund Deregulation – No way!

On May 27, 2007 – Chuck Jaffee of Marketwatch writes about a book that proposes changes for the Mutual Fund Industry. He comments, “The mutual fund business is the proverbial camel, the one that was supposed to be a horse until it was built by committee. It is filled with...

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