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IBKR plus FEAR = Buying Opportunity

Interactive Brokers (IBKR) is part of the investment brokerage sector which was trashed and left for dead today after the MF Global (MF) news broke. Monday, the news was not pretty and has taken our some of the quality with the crap. But some of the reason’s behind this...

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Federal Reserve Actions: Goose Eggs

Remember that game we used to play as children? Now the Fed is playing: Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut, GOOSE, Cut, Cut – GOOSE!

Below is a great chart from Investor’s Business Daily that illustrates how the recent actions, policies and interventions have helped(?) the equity markets. While the Fed’s primary goal...

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A Picture Tells a Thousand Points

The quick and the dirty of it: The markets (DJIA, S&P500, NASDAQ) are setting up for an ugly fall and investors are sensing it. The growing indigestion is pointing straight toward the support line of 11,635 for the DJIA. This particular point is a problem as there is no support...

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