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How To Buy Facebook (FB)

I thought this was a rather well thought out guide (basic as it is) on how to best pick up shares of Facebook (FB) if you are not lucky enough to get in on the Pre-IPO price.

Our friend Josh Brown sits down with Jeff Make to...

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Pandora (P) : WOW – 87% of Revenues From Adverts

Wow, 87% is a big number and if anything starts to change in the world of advertising over time, this stock is going to end up being a real dog. Competition is fierce and the barriers to entry are low.

The company is not profitable and yet...

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TDI Episode 62: Bye Bye Mr. American Lie

Guest: Zach Scheidt, Hedge Fund Manager. We discuss the IPO market and Andrew is back on his soapbox on the Lehman letter saying that a big part of the problem is the lies and PR spin by the financials. We answer some listener questions and get into a few hedging ideas with the use of ETFs. We even dare discuss the idea of shorting the DJ Oil Index!

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The VISA IPO Paradox: IPO or Bailout?

The VISA (V) IPO is coming and it is going to be BIG. A few days ago, I speculated here that the IPO may be pushed back as the markets were in no mood for an IPO even as few have been brought to market of late. It was, and...

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TDI Episode 48: LIARs, VISAs and BEARs – OH MY!

Guests: Zach Scheidt, Harry Dent and David Gaffen. Markets and the future with all that occurred this week is our initial topic. David Gaffen of the Wall Street Journal along with Harry Dent, famed author and economist, provide some clues as to where the markets and the economy is heading.

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Milli Vanilli Government: Latest Casualties – Bear and VISA

There is something odd, yet comforting when I watch a classic Bruce Lee or Godzilla movie. The people’s lips are moving and while I hear words, the two don‘t quite match up. In spite of that, somehow it works anyway and is a reminder that what is happening on...

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