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The Ugliness Update

Markets around the world have been rather obnoxious during the opening weeks in 2016. How bad? Here is a list of some of the key countries returns via ETF investments.

The U.S. (SPY – 8.2%) doesn’t seem so bad comparably.

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Russian Equities: Oil Love You, Oil Love You Nyet (3 ETF Plays)

Over the past year or so, Russia’s markets have in a love/hate relationship with investors. Often tied to the movement in oil and commodities, Russian equities have been in favor most recently.

We added a position to portfolios in December, only to be quickly in the red. As the position moved...

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AGG Commodities – How to Play

We are using the Powershares Agriculture ETF (DBA) to play the growing explosion of prices on many food commodities . Recently, sugar moved higher on the prospect that India will have a tough time with their crops this year after record droughts. That is one component of the 4 in...

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TDI Podcast 112: Manipulating Markets with ETFs

Guests: Brett Steenbarger and Michael Greenberger discuss both market psychology and market manipulation. A wide range of ideas are floated regarding the equity and commodity markets. Can this be true? Seems like we stepped back in time to last summer when oil hit $140.

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Video: Are ETFs to Blame?

The debate rages on. Cramer has been concerned and raising interest in this again as we have been watching the continuation of the very unusual trading after 2pm daily. Then of course there are the 3:30pm moves that have yet to be fully explained. It appears that there are several...

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