Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Jun 09, 2024 TDI Podcast: Money For Nothing (#872)

Jim Bruce

Fed, Stimulus, Diversification (NVDA) play
Jun 02, 2024 TDI Podcast: Gerber’s AI Deep Dive (#871)

Ross Gerber

Tech, AI, Earnings, Election (NVDA), (TSLA), (AMD), (MSFT), (GOOGL) play
May 26, 2024 TDI Podcast: Let’s Retire Rich (#870)

Michael Johnston

Social Security, Taxes, Alternatives (NVDA), (QQQ), (SPY) play
May 19, 2024 TDI Podcast: Hedge Fund Strategies (#869)

Thomas Thornton

Fed Cuts, Meme Stocks, Tech earnings, EV demand (TSLA), (BIDU), (BABA), (XLU), (NVDA) play
Mar 31, 2024 TDI Podcast: DiWORSEification (#862)

Thomas Nelson

(GLD), (MSFT), (AAPL), (OIL), (NVDA) play
Mar 24, 2024 TDI Podcast: Size Matters (#861)

Paul Merriman

(ORCL), (MSFT), (AAPL), (MU), (NVDA), (VBR) play
Mar 17, 2024 TDI Podcast: Bitcoin Blasphemy (#860)

Paul Barron

Bitcoin, Halvening, HODL, L2s, Tax Season, Inflation, 3 Pillars (IBIT), (NVDA), (TOST), (ORCL), (COIN) play
Mar 10, 2024 TDI Podcast: One Sided (#859)

Thomas Thornton

Paul Moore

Hedging, Rates, Stock Valuations, Real Estate, Hedging (NVDA), (AAPL), (GOOGL), (BA), (META), (CSCO) play
Mar 03, 2024 TDI Podcast: Tool Sharpening (#858)

Steve Sanders

Trading Tools, Fundamental Data, Investing Basics, Retirement Planning (AAPL), (NVDA) play
Feb 25, 2024 TDI Podcast: An Options Primer (#857)

Larry McMillan

Hedging< Option Strategies, Options. Tech, VIX, Zero Day Options. Exotics (AAPL), (NVDA) play
Feb 18, 2024 TDI Podcast: The ETF Architect (#856)

Wesley Gray

ETFs vs Mutual Funds, Quant Investing, Algos, 351 Transaction (TOST), (SMCI), (NVDA), (SPY), (YETI) play
Feb 11, 2024 TDI Podcast: Curzio’s Snappy Idea (#855)

Frank Curzio

CRE Banking Crisis, CES, Technology, AI, Correction, SNAPPY Idea, Gold, Bitcoin (META), (F), (GM), (NVDA), (AMD), (SNAP), (TSLA), (DIS) play
Jan 28, 2024 TDI Podcast: PermaBear Knight (#853)

Tim Knight

PermaBear, Technical Analysis, Charting, Market Wisdom (NVDA), (GOOG), (AAPL), (AMD), (META), (MSFT), (INTC) play
Jan 21, 2024 TDI Podcast: Ai-Ai-O (852)

Danielle Dimartino Booth

John Pugliano

AI, Artificial Intelligence, Fed Insider, Fed Rate Cycle (MSFT), (IBIT), (AMD), (NVDA), (AMZN), (INTC) play
Dec 17, 2023 TDI Podcast: Meb Faber (#847)

Meb Faber

Meb's history, Biggest Surprise of 2023, Outlook 2024, Foreign vs Domestic. (SMH), (OIL), (AAPL), (NVDA) play
Nov 19, 2023 TDI Podcast: Flow with Curzio (#843)

Frank Curzio

(TGT), (MSFT), (SBUX), (DIS), (NVDA), (TSLA), (QQQ), (KRE), (AAPL), (NKE), (SPY), (IWM) play
Jun 11, 2023 TDI Podcast: SKIP, Recession, Pause (#820)

Recession, Stocks in Recession, Oil Prices, Fed Skip, Fed Pause, ROE and Margins (AAPL), (OIL), (AMD), (NVDA) play
Jun 04, 2023 TDI Podcast: Foggy TARA (#819)

Thomas Nelson

Target Date Funds, Asset Allocation, May markets, Tech, AI (AAPL), (GOOG), (META), (NVDA), (AMD), (CRM) play
Feb 26, 2023 TDI Podcast: TINA is Dead (#805)

Risk Management, Cash is NOT Trash, TINA, Inflation (NVDA), (HD), (W), (M), (DDS), (ETSY) play
May 29, 2022 TDI Podcast: Prioritize The Process (#768)

Clare Flynn Levy

(TJX), (ROST), (AMZN), (TWTR), (SNAP), ROCKU), (GNRC), (DKS), (M), (NVDA), (WMT), (TGT) play