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Oct 22, 2023 TDI Podcast: Ross Gerber Airs It Out (#839)

Ross Gerber

AI, Tesla, Education, Netflix, technology, Fed, Inequality (TSLA), (AI), (MSFT), (AMZN), (XLK), (NVO), (NKE), (LULU) play
Sep 03, 2023 TDI Podcast: Cyber Trading U (#832)

Fausto Pugliese

Swing Trading, August Recap, Day Trading (DG), (LULU), (AMZN) (USO), (PLUG), (MARA) play
Sep 09, 2012 TDI Podcast: China Stimulus, FOMC and Stocks That Could Fly (#279)

Stocks, Europe, FOMC, Stimulus, Metals, China Stimulus (AAPL), (RGR), (LULU), (ULTA), (CLF), (X), (AKS), (GGB), (GX) play