TDI Podcast: Foggy TARA (#819)

May Market Madness   – Tech vs. everything else.

Politicians create problems – just to fix them – My Heroes!

Bifurcating markets – that is of interest.

And out Guest – Tom Nelson, Lead Portfolio Manager at Franklin Templeton Funds.

Tom Nelson is a senior vice president and head of asset allocation portfolio management for...

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TDI Podcast: Really Local Banking (#818)

Memorial Day is here and we can smell the summer!

Government creating problems – just to solve them?

Risk appetite perking up and our guest this week is President and CEO of Locality Bank, Keith Costello.

Keith Costello is the President, CEO, and co-founder of Locality Bank, a new digital first...

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TDI Podcast: Dunning Kruger Effect (#817)

Risk warehousing, Government paralysis and other interesting concepts from this week’s guest, Dr. Richard Smith.

How to mitigate self-defeating investment plans?

AI and the potential for civilization – good stuff in this episode.

When Dr. Richard Smith discovered that many top investment advisors and wealthy traders used special mathematical formulas to...

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TDI Podcast: Crisis of Confidence (#816)

Inflation CPI report as expected – markets – don’t know what to make of it.

Banks still not getting any love – more shoes to drop.

Debt ceiling talks going nowhere…

This week’s guest is Thoma Thornton – Hedge Fund Telemetry.

Thomas Thornton is a former portfolio manager, senior trader, and technical analyst with...

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TDI Podcast: Revenge Investing (#815)

No Dead Fed – Hikes still on the table – although markets don’t agree.

A quick look back and ahead as banks are in trouble. It is getting a little silly…

Our Guest, Howard Silverblatt – SP Global on earnings and the real stats to understand

Howard Silverblatt (@hsilverb) is Senior Industry Analyst,...

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TDI Podcast: The Cycle Is The Cycle (#814)

The banking Crisis is NOT over – no surprise here.

Earnings for mega names coming in better than expected – stocks zooming.

Sinkhole Alert issued – what does that even mean?

And a conversation about M2 Money Supply.

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DHUnplugged #651: Resilient Rockem

Markets are moving back and forth just waiting for some big news. Talk of a US default is making the rounds. Tech has a big day – helping to push markets up from their recent despair. PLUS we are now on Spotify and Amazon Music/Podcasts! Click HERE for Show Notes and Links DHUnplugged is now streaming live - with listener chat. Click on link on the right sidebar. Love the Show? Then how about a Donation? Follow John C. Dvorak on Twitter Follow Andrew Horowitz on Twitter Warm Up - All

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TDI Podcast: Tough Questions (#813)

420 – came and went – should we make it a national holiday!

Taxes done?  – in the mail and all finished – right?

Markets are busy digesting earnings and my very  interesting meeting with a Fed big shot.

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TDI Podcast: Flood of Information (#812)

Inflation receding, like the floods in my neighborhood.

Fed calls for a mild recession. Earnings season begins – banks…batter up!

Guest – Frank Curzio – Curzio research and Wall Street Unplugged Podcast.

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Frank Curzio...

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TDI Podcast: BackForward (#811)

Markets get skittish on economic slowdown concerns.

Employment Report  – inline and not much of a surprise.

10-year Yield tumbles to lowest since Sept 2022 and helps precious metals break out.

Let’s look back to look ahead…

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Looking for...

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TDI Podcast: Booth on Resiliency (#810)

Rate direction – bets are for cuts later this year!

Ending the quarter on a more positive note – market happy nothing else is breaking.

Nailing 1st place in the Chili Cook off – secret ingredient.

This week’s guest – Danielle DiMartino Booth.

As Founder & CEO of Quill Intelligence, Danielle DiMartino Booth set...

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TDI Podcast: Monopoly IRL (#809)

Central Banks boost rates, bond yields fall.

Powell says banking system is strong and resilient!

Yellen says not planning on full backstop.

Double talk and backspeak – only meant to confound and confuse.

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Looking for style diversification? More information...

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