TDI Podcast: Entertain Me, Teach Me (#562)

Double the guests, quadruple the insights. We begin with talking cryptocurrency trading with Taylor Letterman of Simpler Trading. Taylor provides some wonderful insights about this fast moving area of finance.

Howard Lindzon comes with thoughts about swimming with Great White sharks and building networks. Plus a look at what he sees as some of the most important trends ahead.

Taylor Letterman – Simpler Trading. Taylor first bought Bitcoin in 2016 and was instantly hooked after his investment doubled in value in just a couple months. After studying cryptocurrency for over 2 years, Taylor has become an in-house expert on everything crypto related. With a web development background, Taylor has a strong understanding of blockchain tech and the platforms built upon it. Taylor adamantly believes in the future of Blockchain technology and the implications it holds, especially within financial markets. His penchant for finding the right information buried within the buzz makes Taylor a key resource in identifying which digital assets should be traded and which ones we should avoid!

Howard Lindzon – Serial entrepreneur – We first met Howard back in the early days of Podcasting when he started WallStrip (latter bought by CBS). Howard makes early stage investments through Social Leverage. (Robinhood, StockTwits)

Check out more about Howard here –>

His current start-up is called StockTwits and he am a co-founder and now Chairman after 5 years as CEO. He is also an author and prolific writer.

Stocks discussed in this episode – (BTCUSD), (ETHUSD), (AMZN), (NFLX)