TDI Podcast: Hedgeye’s Keith McCullough (#561)

Guest Keith McCullough digs deep into some of the more important market moving information that is available. We discuss macro tourism, moving average monkeys, key macro models that Hedgeye uses in their analysis.

Plus, a look back on the week and what is ahead.

AND, a quick update on Andrew’s recent trip to NY for the Benzinga FinTech Awards.



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Prior to founding Hedgeye Risk Management, Keith built a successful track record as a hedge fund manager at the Carlyle-Blue Wave Partners hedge fund, Magnetar Capital, Falconhenge Partners, and Dawson-Herman Capital Management.

Keith has been a regular market guest on financial TV and radio for many years including CNN and Fox Business, as well as a contributor for CNBC and Bloomberg. He now hosts The Macro Show weekday mornings on HedgeyeTV which was featured in a Huffington Post story, “Meet The Man Who Wants To Build The ESPN Of Finance.”

He is the author of the popular book, Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager and regularly shares his market and economic commentary on Fortune, Investopedia and other financial websites.

He began his career as an institutional equity sales analyst after earning an economics degree from Yale University. While at Yale, he captained the men’s ice hockey team to a Division I Ivy League Championship.

About Hedgeye

We’re pioneers in the independent investment research business, a new sector that’s still greatly misunderstood. I started Hedgeye with nothing more than an idea and a laptop back in 2008. Today, Hedgeye continues to lead by breaking ground in new markets: first, we established ourselves as the must-have source for research for the top money managers in the industry. At the same time, we launched that same research out into the public market, making our investment ideas available to individual investors and smaller professional firms at the same time that it is sent to the largest firms in the financial marketplace.

Since then, Hedgeye TV has pioneered a new genre of on-line video, where leading investment professionals speak candidly one-on-one, not with journalists – many of whom have never set foot on a trading floor or been involved in a trade or a banking deal – but with Hedegeye’s own senior partners, all of whom come with decades of hands-on experience in the marketplace.

Our brand new educational offerings will help you understand the concepts that Wall Street analysts throw around, and will also help you see through Old Wall Street’s cloak of obscurity to help you find the right way to manage the risk in your investment portfolio.

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Stocks discussed in this episode – ($CL.F), (IWM), (EEM), (TLT)