Month: December 2017

TDI Podcast: The “Best Of” Show 2017 (#541)

What an amazing year! With over 60 hours of listening time recorded this year, we had some remarkable guests and gained tremendous insights. Discussions ranged from behavioral finance to the deconstruction of economic data.

Awards ceremonies for the first time the DJIA hit 20,000 and a good amount of content related...

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TDI Podcast Highlights: Lessons Learned (#539)

On This Week’s Podcast The Disciplined Investor Discusses:

Cryptocurrency Stocks
The FOMC Rate Decision
Tax Bill Changes
Cryptocurrencies and Technical Analysts
Lessons to Learn for 2018

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DHUnplugged #388: Auld Lang Syne

It was a year for the record books. Plenty of money to be made by just letting the markets do their thing. What is shaping up for 2018? Bonuses paid to employees after the tax bill passed may help to push up wage growth and force the Fed’s hand. News...

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TDI Podcast Highlights: Harry Dent (#538)

On TDI Episode 538 With Guest Harry Dent,  We Discuss:

The Economy
Harry Dent’s new book and his take on what is happening and what will happen in the markets

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TDI Podcast: Negging with Ben Hunt (#540)

Guest, Dr. Ben Hunt is the last guest for 2017 and a great one indeed. We discuss the levers that are pulled by many in the establishments in order to have us think along with the herd.

Some of the more interesting areas of discussion focus on behavioral finance and how to...

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