TDI Podcast: Ben Hunt – Think Casino Chips (#459)

According to our guest, financial “Puppet Masters” provide consumers / investors a new perspective in order to create a diversion from the fundamentals. Bernanke, Yellen, Draghi becoming objects of adoration and propitiation. Central Bankers are taking cues from Marketing firms in order to reach their payoff.

We also discuss game theory and the use by market players as well as some of the important earnings that will be coming up this week.

ben_huntBen Hunt is the Chief Risk Officer of Salient Partners, an investment management firm with offices in Houston, San Francisco, and New York.

Dr. Hunt is the author of Epsilon Theory, a weekly newsletter and website that examines markets through the lenses of game theory and history, currently with more than 50,000 professional investor and allocator subscribers.   Dr. Hunt is also a featured contributor to Institutional Investor, Forbes, ZeroHedge, Modern Trader, and other leading financial media publications.

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