TDI Podcast: This Will Blow Your Mind (#414)

Guest: Paul Godsmark, Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence discusses the world with automated (driver-less) vehicles. The implications are astounding. We also take a look at companies that may benefit from breakthroughs in this industry, some of the recent economic reports and a summation of this earnings season.

Paul GodsmarkPaul Godsmark, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (Canadian Automated Vehicles Center of Excellence)

Paul is an independent transportation specialist, the inaugural Chair and now member of the ITS Canada Autonomous Vehicles Task Force, and a member of ITS Canada‘s Connected Vehicles Technical Committee.

He has worked as a Consultant Highway Engineer in 9 different countries on 4 continents and has specialized in the last 7 years in road safety, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and most recently as a researcher of emerging technologies in transportation, and automated vehicles (AVs) in particular. As you can see this is how binary options trading works from Australia if you are looking for binary trading or binary options brokers.

He has authored several AV papers, numerous articles and been interviewed for radio and online articles on AVs. He has made presentations on AVs to many organizations in Canada including C-TEP, CITE, TAC and at the first ever Canadian Autonomous Vehicle Summit meeting in Ottawa in November 2013. His personal blog on the impacts of AV’s is read all over the world.

Must read research on Automated Vehicles, authored by our guest:

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