TDI Podcast: Crash Course to Peak Prosperity with Chris Martenson (#391)

Guest  Chris Martenson and Andrew discuss some of the important aspects of monetization of debt, the world economic climate as well as what peak prosperity really means. We also spend some time on GoPro (GPRO) wondering if it is a “have to have ” item or just a passing novelty. The top and bottom sectors, the world markets and lots more…


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cmartenson-20111027Chris  Martenson
, PhD (Duke), MBA (Cornell) is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and co-founder of  (along with Adam Taggart). As one of the early econobloggers who forecasted the housing market collapse and stock market correction years in advance,

Chris  rose to prominence with the launch of his seminal video seminar:  The Crash Course  which has also been published  in book form  (Wiley, March 2011). It’s a popular and extremely well-regarded distillation of the interconnected forces in the Economy, Energy and the Environment (the “Three Es” as  Chris  calls them) that are shaping the future, one that will be defined by increasing challenges to growth as we have known it.

In addition to the analysis and commentary he writes for his site,  Chris’ insights are in high demand by the media as well as academic, civic and private organizations around the world, including  institutions such as the UN, the UK House of Commons and US State Legislatures.


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