Short Squeeze is On! – Westport (WPRT) and Clean Energy (CLNE)

There is a serious squeeze action going on today. In particular, a couple of the companies that have business based on natural gas. Westport Innovations (WPRT) has a large short interest of 6.48 days to cover and is moving along with the sector.

TriggerPoint Research triggered an ALERT! for Westport on 6/7/12 at $28.70.

Notice how the current price is moving above the key resistance area based on accumulation volume at price. This is often where a fast zone occurs and a place that a long entry could become profitable very quickly.

Clean Energy (CLNE) is also showing a similar position. With 7.4 days to cover, this can provide a wicked move higher above $15.12. While the price is already above the first “trigger” level, it has a wide fast zone to $16.35.


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