Sunday Aggravation: I HATE SPAMMERS! (and Did You Know You Can Buy Likes?)

Spammers and virus dogs are the lowest form of internet insect that there are. While those that create viruses and malware are despicable kreetons not worthy of any further discussion, spammers are a major pain in the ass. Every day they are on this site posting ridiculous and poorly worded comments looking to get hits for whatever they are being paid to push.

So, everyday we are cleaning up dozens of comments and pushing them to the spam pile. Ugh…

Frankly I am sick of it and even though we have all sorts of mechanisms to try to block and clean the spam comments, PR firms out of Russia and Asia seem to get their comments into the system/post anyway. So….That is all for comments right now.

Yup, turning off the feature for most of the site (especially older posts) until we can get some better way of blocking the buzzards. Maybe we will get one of those fancy, and very annoying, picture puzzles to approve comments. Stay tuned…


While I am ranting… Did you know that all of those wonderful “likes” that you see on some Facebook pages are bogus?

Take a look at a simple search result from Google… What a scam!