Media Appearance: The Financial Survival Network

I had a great conversation on Wednesday with Kerry Lutz. Interesting fella with great information to share.

Kerry hosts the Financial Suvival Network Radio Show. Check it out HERE.

The episode is available below…

Andrew Horowitz ( has been investing most of his life, but he‘s not locked into any one type of investment. He‘s concerned about politicians whose  attitudes are to avoid unpleasantry today, in order to enhance the odds of electoral victory tomorrow. Horowitz believes this  can-kicking  behavior has been going on for a long time, and the situation will continue unabated for quite a while. It is therefore extremely important to regularly revisit your investments, especially stocks, to ensure that the reasons you initially made the purchase are still applicable.

Horowitz an optimist by nature, but he believes that as markets change, so must your strategy. His advice is highly regarded and widely followed. Even if the world is going to end shortly, there‘s really not much you can do about it so be happy for today, invest as if there will be a tomorrow, and hope for the best! Andrew has a great sense of humor and is very engaging; he really knows his stuff.

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