March Market Madness: 30 Stocks in 30 Days

Over the next 30 days or so, we will be providing our the results of our “OneSheets” for the 30 stocks in the DJIA. Over the course of a year, we have been working on honing in on the details how a stock should be looked at using a fundamental and technical scoring process. Some of the outputs our calculations are weighted differently, depending on how we view the importance. So, for example, a company with an average annual   EPS growth rate of 15% will score well, but a company with a 50% rate will score better.

The scores are weighted in favor of the data-points and ratios that we believe are most important. The technical and fundamental scores are then   and then blended together to make a total score for the security. The total score will range from +10 to -10. In between we use a more know industry standard”, like Buy, Strong Buy, Sell etc. These are not to be used as recommendations. Please see a detail and disclosure HERE.

Starting today, we will begin with the DJIA component companies and post a “Onesheet” daily throughout the month of March.