TDI Podcast 199: When to Buy, When to Sell – Terry Bedford

Guest: Terry Bedford, Bedford Associates once again provides a very simple strategy. Watch the move, listen to the beat, close out all other thoughts. Where is the market headed and how to hedge are some of the areas that we touch on. Andrew provides some addition insight into the Middle East situation and what is brewing in Europe.




Terrence M. Bedford is president and founder of Bedford and Associates Research Group, a boutique investment research firm located in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1993, Bedford and Associates Research Group is a boutique research firm providing equities investment research to individuals, pension, mutual and hedge funds.

From the onset the firm has focused on providing a unique brand of technical analysis and options strategies tailored to opportunistic investors and traders.

Through the years Bedford and Associates has had extensive contractual agreements to provide such research to America Online and MSN (Microsoft) Money. Most recently Bedford and Associates Research Group has contracted with, the firm founded by hedge fund and TV personality Jim Cramer.

Stocks Terry mentioned: FCX, VXX, WLT, PCX, FFIV, SLB among others.


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