The Internet Ruined EVERYTHING!

The internet is everywhere and we are so connected that it would be a horror not to travel without a laptop or other form of device that could have me access email whenever I got the urge. Crackberrys, iPhones and netbooks. Now, Dan Lyons of Newsweek is stirring up the debate as to whether we are better of worse off now that we have 24/7 internet.


I for one love to have my iPhone with me since it helps with the email overload and provides ready access to the web. Let’s not forget Scramble2 or some of the other addicting games that help to take my mind off the ever present stream of news flowing (and flowing……). What would the world do without eBay, Twitter or Facebook?

From Newsweek:

The past decade is the era in which the Internet ruined everything. Just look at the industries that have been damaged by the rise of the Web: Newspapers. Magazines. Books. TV. Movies. Music. Retailers of almost any kind, from cars to real estate. Telecommunications. Airlines and hotels. Wherever companies relied on advertising to make money, wherever companies were profiting by a lack of transparency or a lack of competition, wherever friction could be polished out of the system, those industries suffered. CLICK HERE for the full story.


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