Videos: Is the White House Threatening Rick Santelli?

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (smugly) tries to debunk Rick Santelli’s rebel rousing comments seen on CNBC late last week. In the beginning of the clip, he asks
“…I am not entirely sure where Mr. Santelli lives or what kind of house he lives in…”

Was that intended to provide a warning?

Keith Oberman got into the mix as he added Santelli to his “Worlds Worst” segment. The best line from Oberman has to be : When we try to fix what you all did to this country, just sit down and just hush up…”! Well, thanks for the great work, Keith. If blowhard could be a cure for economic ills, you would eradicate the disease. Other than that, sitting and pontificating does not qualify for working to fix the economy. Nice try though!

Here is the first video where Santelli pokes holes in the latest White House initiative to slow down the the increasing level of foreclosures.

Is Gibbs inferring something? Is he saying that any dissension will be met with harsh punishment? You be the judge….