OFFICIAL POLL: Mish or Schiff ?

I have been following this closely over the past few days and thought that it would be an interesting idea to have readers voice their thoughts on the controversy that is surrounding the Wall Street Journal Article that explores Mish’s findings regarding Peter Schiff’s “calling the market crash” and his general investment thesis.

[poll id=”10″]
  • Mish: Peter Schiff was wrong
  • WSJ article – Right Forecast by Schiff, wrong   plan? ($)
  • TDI Podcast 92: An Unavoidable Depression? (Mish on Schiff)
  • TDI Episode 89: Crashproof‘n with Peter Schiff
  • Yahoo News: Mish/Schiff
  • Google News: Mish and Schiff
  • Schiff’s Response
  • Big Picture/Ritholtz
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