Earnings Alert: Is it Time to Buy Apple?

Posted 1:30 pm on MSN TopStocks:

The first earnings release from Apple (AAPL) that could be blemished. At least that is the word on the street. It has been a wild ride for shareholders who have stuck with the company through thick and thin. Apple has been navigating down a long road of numerous problems such as poor economic, concern over Steve Jobs‘ health and increased competition from various electronics manufacturers. The major concern with Apple‘s current stock price is whether or not they will be able to properly transition when/if Steve Jobs were to step down.

Truth be told, communication by the company has been lousy of late. After the .mac mishaps you would have thought they would have learned that people hang on every word. As the stock had been pummeled several times after rumors surfaced about Mr. Job’s health, we would have liked to have seen the PR department been a touch more forthright and open about what was going on.

It appears that Job’s health issue is going to “byte” Apple in the pants.Already there is discussion of an SEC investigation. Yet, fundamentally the company is still in great shape. Sure, earnings per share growth has deteriorated over the past 7 quarters, but it has still managed to remain positive. Apple‘s core strength is innovation and will continue to be the key driver for sales growth. The question investors want to know is simple: Will Apple will be able to keep ahead of the pack when it comes to technology innovation into the future.

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