Links and Reading for January 14th

Some of the more interesting and important items for January 14th :

  • Adviser Who Made Daring Getaway Is in Police Custody – An investment adviser who apparently staged an elaborate plot to escape allegations of financial fraud was in police custody Tuesday night in Florida. WHY is it always FLORIDA?
  • Merckle's Empire in Tatters, German Billionaire Takes Life – The suicide of the 74-year-old multibillionaire, whose holding company had roughly €30 billion, or $40 billion, in annual revenue, is one of several deaths of businesspeople tied to the global financial crisis.
  • Bush Defends His Tenure, Concedes Some 'Disappointments' – – He denied that the U.S. has lost moral standing around the world as a result of its response to 9/11, except among "some of the elite." He added that "people still understand America stands for freedom, that America is — is a country that provides such great hope."
  • U.S. Seeks Rest of Bailout Cash – Mr. Obama, speaking to reporters Monday, said he asked Mr. Bush to request the remaining money because he didn't want to be caught without emergency funds if financial markets weaken further.
  • More fallout of commodity rout – Blackstone Group LP’s $25 billion credit hedge fund, plans to closing its Asia investment desk after failing to find attractive opportunities in the region, two people familiar with the matter said.