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Strategy Lab – Andrew’s Portfolio is #2 because of this:

From my latest MSN Money – Strategy Lab Journal:

A scandalous number of problems plague our markets. From the supposed problems with naked short-selling to bad math at the rating agencies, we are experiencing historic volatility and an even higher level of investor anxiety.

The powers that be are doing what they...

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TDI Episode 66: Stock Tips and Mish-O-Nomics

Guest: Michael "Mish" Shedlock and Andrew discuss the current economy, the financials and the unbelievable rules that are coming from the SEC and the FED. Short-selling may break the back of the banks that have the biggest problems as they are fair game, while the big brokerages are now, officially excluded. Nice work fellas!

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Naked Shorts – Check it Out

Here are a few interesting places to check out regarding:
The Worst Stock for 2007: Overstock
Dec 21, 2006 … How could I let a “Worst Stock for 2007” theme pass without … the stock’s fall on the short/naked short/hedge fund/Sith Lord/crooked …

***PRESENTATION : The Dark Side of the...

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