Date PublishedTitleGuestPodcast TopicsStocksAudio
May 21, 2017TDI Podcast: The Robo-Ripoff Exposed (#510)

Kevin Hoffmann

Political Scandals, Brazil, Robo Advice, Economics(EWZ), (FB), (BRZU) play
Mar 29, 2015TDI Podcast: The Asymmetry of Idiots (#406)

Asymmetry of Oil, Earnings, Markets(GPRO), (LL), (SPY), (EWZ), (CCL) play
Nov 11, 2012TDI Podcast: Hot Hot Latin Stocks with Juan Villegas (#288)

Juan Villegas

Technical Indicators, Latin America , Election, Earnings(EC), S&P 500 (SPX), Apple (AAPL), (MELI), Brazil (EWZ), (GXG). Mexico (EWW) play