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Jul 01, 2018TDI Podcast: Keeping It Simple (#569)

Raghee Horner

Global Economics, Oil Prices, markets, charts(CAT), (DE), (BA), (SPY), (CL.F) play
Aug 21, 2016TDI Podcast: World of MoneyCraft with David Ackerman (#472)

David Ackerman

Bitcoin, Economics, Fed, Public prisons, cryptocurrency(GEO), (CXW), (DE), (CAT), (SIG), (SRPT), (SHAK) play
Feb 15, 2015TDI Podcast: This Is The Next Hurdle for Stocks (#400)

Greece, Ukraine, Oil, Stock technicals(USO), (SPY), (FOSL), (RAX), (VA), (SCTY), (PCLN), (WMT), JWN), (INTU), (MHK), (DE) play
Jul 22, 2012TDI Podcast: Grisafi on Grains and Professor Eichengreen on Europe and Economy (#272)

Prof. Eichengreen

Thomas Grisafi

Thomas Grisafi

Europe, Food Inflation, Crops, Commodities, Market trend(CAT), (DE), (LNN), (MON), (POT), (FFIV), (INTC) play