2012 IPO Performance – The Best and The Worst

2012 has not seen a slew of IPOs from U.S. based companies. But there are some of interest. China leads the pack on the overall amount and with the list of losers much longer than the list of winners, one has to wonder if the pipeline is soon to dry...

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TDI Episode 68: Crocs Makes a Great Toilet Seat

Guest: Michael Santoli, Barron's brings some important issues to the front regarding how the media deals with information. Andrew asks about the slant of "big media" towards the bullish argument (or at least they appear to frown on the short and negative ideas). The summer doldrums and ideas to fix for the Auto Industry.

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The VISA IPO Paradox: IPO or Bailout?

The VISA (V) IPO is coming and it is going to be BIG. A few days ago, I speculated here that the IPO may be pushed back as the markets were in no mood for an IPO even as few have been brought to market of late. It was, and...

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