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The Archives section contains a collection of historical blog posts, discussions, economic trends and other historical writings from The Disciplined Investor. The information found here may be out of date and no longer relevant to the current environment.

The Rental Car Gas Game

There I was, once again moving towards the counter, readying to get beat by those smart people who silently laugh at me as I ask seemingly stupid questions. It is clear that they know what I am going to ask even before I ask. I am convinced that they know just how to answer me in order to confuse me even more.
It is their job and they are damned good at it! You now who they are... I am talking about the highly trained and very sly counter clerks of the "evil" Rental Car Companies. Let me ask thi

Adobe earnings seen benefiting from CS3

There are several calls coming from the street today concerning Adobe. Shares have been flat for some time and now that the release of the much anticipated Creative Suite 3 (CS3) has been met with such success, there may be an opportunity to celebrate. The product line up that Adobe has brought to the take is rather impressive. From the smooth running and very popular Photoshop to the now Mac friendly Premiere Pro, the line has a very impressive depth for graphics artist, web designers and for p

NAND shortage and iPhone effect

According to recent reports from Apple Insider; “An existing $1.25 billion dollar arrangement between Apple and the world’s largest memory makers was designed to secure the iPod maker an ample supply of NAND flash memory through 2010, but Apple is now reported to be asking for even more chips ahead of iPhone. Taiwan-based DigiTimes, which wavers in accuracy but has recently nailed a scoop or two, is reporting that...

CNBC Portfolio Challenge finds Cheating

It is amazing that no matter what, there are those that will find a way to cheat the system. In an apparent technology flaw, players could actually trade after the market closed, profiting on earnings and other news releases. The ability to do so was recently uncovered as a few players became vocal when they noticed that several of the daily winners had been 100% accurate on all of...

Polls Added to TDI Site

In an effort to get our community involved and communicating their thoughts, we have added Polls to the site. With the timing of the CROX post and the immense emotional charge surrounding it, what better than to have the inaugural Poll to ask our readers about the their take on the valuation of CROX. Have at it! Vote once please and remember that this is not a scientific measure....

Ebay Follow Up – Still Coming up Short

On March 19th 2007, I wrote an article concerning the seemingly epidemic scam that were personally affecting me on eBay. In doing so, I pointed out that this could be a recipe for disaster that could financially propblematic for eBay as their reputation and trust could be at stake. (Article). At that time, the stock was hovering around $32.

Crocs…The Emperor’s New Shoes

It seems that Crocs Inc. ( CROX ) believes that they are going to be more than a fad. In fact, they are doing everything to expand beyond the casual sandal that has made them so popular. Crox is becoming a favorite of the message boards. Now it is time to think about shorting this stock SHORT

Cold Markets and Warming Rates

The thought of a a rate increase has sent a chill through the markets today. For some time, we have been high on a pedestal trying to shout out the fact that the FED is stuck in a corner with their back to a wall. Remember, there are several factors that have been discussed in podcasts and posts by us over the past month. Then, problems stemmed from the...

Larry Flynt is a “Reel” American?

Here is a truth: Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy secrets. Curruption, Scandal and Sex. The All-American political pastime is once again being challenged. As reported yesterday, Larry Flynt, Creator and Owner of Hustler magazine offered $1 million for political sex scandals. Flynt seeks evidence of illicit encounter with high-ranking official. Hustler magazine is looking for, as he says: “scandalous sex in Washington” again — and...

No Stoping Gamestop

Gamestop (GME) has a simple model: Sell new video games and then eventually buy them back from people who have become bored with them. The real power is in the second part of the strategy. GME buys a used game for, about $5-$10 and resell it for $20-$30. The people who feel they need to purchase the newest and greatest can also buy new games at full retail price....