Month: July 2020

TDI Podcast: K-Shaped Recovery (#670)

Rolling W’s or a “K” Shaped Recovery? We take a look at what this could mean and if it is even possible.

While cases rise, new hope for treatments arrive.

SPAC’s are on fire – let’s discuss.

Listener Call-in Questions are answered.

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DHUnplugged #513: Stock Fever Baby!

Employment numbers are in – and markets like what they see. China’s markets run hot – returning to pre-pandemic levels. U.S. case count rising puts a crimp in the “V” shaped recovery plan. Stock fever is running hot… Gotta get some of that stock stuff baby! Fed Limericks are Back...

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H&C – After Hours Q&A Popup Webinar (7/6/20)

Webinar Replay – Horowitz & Company Client Update
July 7, 2020


Click Here to Watch the Webinar Replay


Important Disclosures

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Past performance is no indication of future results. Please research on...

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TDI Podcast: In The Dark (#669)

Markets roar back with economics looking a bit better.

The employment report rings a positive tone, while the Pandemic is ravaging our personal health.

We take a look at the past quarter’s winners and losers and even squeeze in a few listener questions….

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DHUnplugged #512: Shaken Not Stirred

A few important items to keep an eye on. Some big news in the airline space and an update on the worrisome trend with new cases around the country. We also have some thoughts on the upcoming employment report – to be released on Thursday. Fed Limericks are Back –...

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