Month: June 2020

TDI Podcast: Soft Underbelly (#666)

From exuberance to panic in just about 48 hours time. Speculation is high – but the underbelly is soft.

Bringing you Episode 666 – hoping that is not a prophecy!

And a Follow up on the KRI.

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DHUnplugged #509: A Swing and a Miss

Markets are in a frenzy. Jobs numbers post a surprising gain as economists and analysts are dumbfounded. Retail traders are betting big on bankrupt companies – as free money creates unprecedented moral hazard. Oh, an now – Fake Eggs are coming. Fed Limericks are Back – PLUS we are now...

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TDI Podcast: Froth Much? (#665)

Surprise unemployment report rallies markets. What was beaten down becomes this week’s darlings.

Coronavirus in the rear view mirror – or is it? We also cover the massive break in the relationship with markets and the overall economy. The potential is high for another Occupy Wall Street type of uprising…

Plus listener...

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DHUnplugged #508: The Casino Is Open

Nothing appears to be able to stop the bulls from buying every dip. Even when there isn’t a dip, they continue to buy – regardless of headwinds or valuation concerns. Big week for economic data – although that doesn’t seem to matter either… Announcing the winner of the CTP for...

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