Month: November 2016

DHUnplugged #339: TrumpOnomics

Yes, they are calling it TrumpOnomics now. The idea that we will see a massive fiscal spend with the Republicans now going to be in control. GDP comes in strong, consumer confidence runs higher and now the probability for a Fed move in December is almost 100% What next? DJIA...

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TDI Podcast: Fake News and Your Portfolio (#486)

We have all seen the headlines by now that fake news is invading every area of traditional and social media. But is this headline a fake as well? How we can stay ahead of the curve as investors and weed out the good and bad news. What to watch and...

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TradeStation Total Rebate

TradeStation Rebate Program with Andrew Horowitz  –  Earn back up to $3,000.00
Exciting News:   When you purchase the  “Trigger Charts”, you can receive a  100% rebate on the cost of your services from TradeStation.  When you open an account as a new customer with TradeStation or even add an...

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DHUnplugged #338: Trump’d Part Deux

A technology snafu meant that last week we were unable to provide audio with the show. So, this week we will cover some of the important items that were on the slate as well as new ones that need to be flushed out. Some interesting insight into markets, politics and...

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