Month: December 2014

DHUnplugged #250: Dvorak Nailed It!

In the year’s final episode, we discuss the best and worst stocks of the year as well as predictions for next year. We also discuss some of the more important news items.

A review of the top stock picks we made during 2014 and our clunkers.

Top and bottom “closed”...

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TDI Podcast: The High Cost of Low Inflation (#393)

In this short episode we explore the high cost of low inflation and some interesting observations from my recent cruise. Also, the market’s best friend (Central Banks) are still at it – what will be the global implications of more stimulus?

Stocks, markets and more… Listen in


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DHUnplugged #249: Russian Ruble Roulette

The Russian Ruble is in free-fall and that is causing ripples around the world. U.S. bonds are at the lowest yield in more than a year and oil continues to tumble. Central banks, ugly Hanukkah trees and oyster herpes are all important topics flushed out in this episode.


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TDI Podcast: Introducing Ticker.TV and Market Playbook (#392)

Guest Blain Reinkensmeyer explains the new Ticker.Tv and how this is a great collaboration and learning tool. We discuss how to review your trades (after the fact) as well as some other learning tools available to investors.

Markets git hit for the week and in this episode we talk about next...

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DHUnplugged #248: Sub $2 Gasoline and $130 Ãœber Bribes

Uber is under attack. Here in the United States and around the world, governments are trying to impose regulations on the taxi/driver start-up.

The world markets are going a bit bonkers. Greece down 12.5%, China off by 5% and oil slides while gold shines.

See this week’s stock picks HERE.

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