TDI Podcast: Leading the Pack with Chris Hogan (#380)

Guest:  Chris Hogan explains the power of social media on relationship of consumers and businesses. In this episode we also discuss the upcoming Apple (APPL) announcement as well as the ECB’s latest stimulus program. Much more as well in this informative program…

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HoganChris Hogan
is a popular and dynamic speaker on the topics of financial education and leadership. Chris also works with businesses and high-profile clients across the country, helping them develop strategies to increase revenues, protect wealth and secure their financial futures.

Chris Hogan stirs audiences to action wherever he speaks. Whether delivering a keynote on personal money management, teaching an all-day leadership training for business owners and professionals, or hosting the EntreLeadership Podcast, iTunes’ number-one podcast on leadership, Chris keeps his audience entertained and challenged.

Chris Hogan is a sought-after, diverse speaker who loves to challenge, motivate and encourage business leaders, real estate professionals, military personnel and students to be their very best””no matter what!

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