Month: December 2013

The Key Reversal Indicator – Overheating

We mentioned this in this week’s TDI Podcast episode (If you have not listened yet, you should…) There is a overheated reading on the Key Reversal Indicator and clusters forming.

Note that the chart below provides some of the recent history of the S&P 500 and the turning points. Now, not...

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Christmas Yule Log Video

The Yule Log used to be on WPIX in New York when I was a tot – for the whole day of Christmas. It was simply a wood fire crackling in the background with Christmas/Holiday music playing for HOURS AND HOURS…

For you to enjoy..

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TDI Podcast: Das on The Biggest Risks for 2014 (# 344)

Guest Satyajit Das has a few items on his list to talk about. We cover the meaning of the taper, what is going on in Spain as well as the problems that an increasing dollar has on emerging markets.


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Federal Reserve Decides to Taper, Buy Stocks!

The buy the dip mentality was re-ingrained as the market made new closing highs on Wednesday, December 19th.  This was on the heels of the Federal Reserve decision to taper asset purchases by $10 Billion.  This was pretty much on par with what analysts had expected as far...

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