TDI Podcast: Matt Galgani of IBD and Digging into Earnings Season (#324)

Matt Galgani discusses IBD and the current trend in the markets. The unemployment rate of 7.4% and the real rate is one topic we dig into – and then there is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR). Earnings are due this week and we have a gameplan. We didn’t forget that Facebook (FB) is back to its IPO price – now what? We got it covered…


Matthew Galgani

IBDAbout How to Make Money in Stocks – Getting Started (McGraw‐Hill; June 2013)

For decades, the CANSLIM® Investment System, developed by IBD founder William J.O’Neil, has been helping investors build better financial futures.But finding the starting points and taking those first steps has been a challenge for some investors.  This latest addition to the How to Make Money in Stocks series addresses those issues with a step‐by‐step game plan that outlines:

  • The 3 most critical factors to consider before you buy
  • Buying & Selling Check lists to help you capture – and keep – solid gains
  • Simple weekend and daily routines designed for busy people
  • Chart‐Reading 101 tips that reveal the real story behind a stock
  • Action Steps to quickly start putting the strategy to work

“Once you understand the basic concepts, you’ll see how all the pieces of the investing puzzle fall into place,” states Matt Galgani. “That’s when your confidence and profits begin to soar.”

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