Month: August 2012

Earnings After Close: Charting The Key Levels

Earnings season has thrown some cold water on many of the leading stocks and some surprises for the ones that have been shunned lately. Below are charts with key levels that have been calculated using the TriggerPoint Research algorithms that take into consideration volume, price, trend and other factors.

The Red...

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TDI Podcast: Hot Emerging Growth Stocks with Jon Markman (#273)

Joseph Joe Brusuelas of Bloomberg helps us better understand the latest GDP report and how inventories will effect next quarter’s GDP potential. We also discuss the grey market for jobs and structural unemployment. Jon Markman explains why there may be some potential in Emerging growth stocks that have been profitable...

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Payroll Numbers: Mixed Messages

ADP and BLS have not been in total agreement lately. Obviously it will be the BLS numbers and the unemployment rate that will trump on Friday.

The correlation of the two series has been relatively tight over the past year, with the exception of last month. So, will economists raise their...

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600 Million Without Power in India

600,000,000 people without power. 50% of the entire population was in the dark – amazing!

Why were the states trying to pull so much power?


Much of India’s electricity supply network collapsed Tuesday in the country’s second major outage in two days, affecting more than 680 million people-double the population of the...

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