Bogus Announcements at 3:30 PM Staring again

As if 2011’s European announcement brigade was not enough to cause market jolting moves, May 2012 is starting to see a return of the jawboning from Euro leaders who are trying to sway markets into believing that a quick resolution is at hand.

Now it is Monti’s turn to provide a quick relief rally as the Euro is clobbered for another day.

Italy’s Monti speaking again; says most leaders at EU Summit backed euro bonds; believes euro area could have euro bonds ‘soon’

Doe anyone really believe that Germany will allow this to occur? I mean come on….. But markets are herky-jerky and any news the shorts seem to run for cover. So, let’s enjoy it while it lasts – either quickly trade the the pops if you can or add to shorts…

Ugh and Sigh…