Month: June 2011

Sunday Fun: iOS Magic

A little fun with Apple’s new iOS. Just some fun for a Sunday.

While we are at it… Does iOS seem to be revolutionary? From first glance, nothing seems that spectacular that could not have been achieved with other apps.

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Links and Reading for June 11th

Some of the more interesting and important items for June 11th :

Obama Faces More Voter Anxiety, Less Excitement – – If President Barack Obama wants North Carolina in his win column again next year, he might have to count on Elliott Johnson’s quiet, even grudging, acceptance rather than the...

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The 2pm Squeeze – Thank Your Local Fed Banker

A dreary day in marketland. As if it was not bad enough that the month of June has only had one positive day for the S&P 500.

The Euro was melting away, the equity markets with it. Precious metals were getting slammed and it it was getting close to a level...

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Should Gas Prices Be This High? Some Charts/Data To Consider

Gasoline prices have been rising. In fact, they seem to rise no matter what the actual price of oil is. Apparently, there is only one directional adjustment that can be made at the pump – and that is higher. Even with the recent drop of 12% for WTI crude ,...

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What Is He Saying?

As the market absorbed the news that the ECB was not going to increase rates, there was a sharp drop for the EURO. More importantly there was a sell-off of the currency as the timing for the next hike was not apparent.

The comments from Trichet today have to be translated...

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