Month: June 2011

Some Observations On The Sovereign Debt Crisis

By Mark Lee June 18 (Bloomberg) — The sovereign debt crisis is “deepening day by day” and shows that governments in general account “badly,” Ian Ball, chief executive officer at the International Federation of Accounting, said at a conference in Hong Kong today. The global financial crisis may not be...

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A Quick Update on the S&P500 Sector Rotation

Defensive sectors are still leading, although not improving.

We looked at this recently to see what is occurring on a more detailed level. Not much has changed over the past few weeks. This is a total of 12 weeks of data.



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Shuffle Off To Buffalo! Greece Equities Up 5%

With the wave of a magic wand and a little bit of pixie dust, Greece is out of danger. Well, not exactly.

As we are supposed to believe anything that comes out of anyone from this region? They are continually contradicting each other as each party says that they are going...

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Depression, Recession, Compression? We Have Answers….

Good news! Harry Dent will be our guest on the next edition of   The Disciplined Investor Podcast.   We will be discussion the potential for a catastrophic result from the ordeal in Europe and the problems that are being generated by the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Japan.


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