Month: March 2010

If You Can Read This, Then….

If you can read this, then you may want to pass along that gift to those that are less fortunte.

Yes, you can make a difference….

As you may know, we are working with Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor on a very special project. Jason has been working hard, through his foundation to...

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New Home Sales – All Time Horror Show

Not a picture that can be called pretty. Of course ll sorts of excuses are being made about the rush and now end and then start again to the new-home tax credit.

Can we just call a fact a fact? People are not buying houses unless they...

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Google (GOOG) – Service Availability Page

This is a very cool place to see the service availability of Google (GOOG) in China.

For the record, if you go to, it will redirect you to This is why it is showing up as no issues.

Click Here and bookmark….

On the other hand, the stock (GOOG) is showing...

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Your Own Little Nuclear Reactor – In Time For Christmas?

This was just too cool to pass up. How great would this be if it would actually work? Does this help out those wackos that would use it for other, less than “green” purposes?

Also, we have to remember that Mr. gates is trying to stop hurricanes by blasting water into...

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The 15 Hottest Reads on TDI This Week

For the Week of March 13 -29, 2010. The week’s most read stories on The Disciplined – in order of popularity. Want it faster? You can get instant updates via Twitter. Follow @andrewhorowitz.

1. Indicators We are Watching 3% Mutual Fund Cash is Troubling

2. China...

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