Month: November 2009

Sunday Fun: SNL on The Debt We Owe China! LOL

This is hysterical.

Over the past few days, the deficit and the debt we owe has been coming up in conversation and media commentary. Can we say that they are finally getting the hint? probably not, but either way, this video provided a few good chuckles…

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This Week’s Most Popular Writings/Analysis/Rants

For the Week of November 21-27, the week’s most read stories on The Disciplined Investor,   in order of popularity.

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Indicators We Are Watching Dollar Basing or Busting?

TDI Podcast 136: Zero Hedge 2010, An Economic Odyssey

Chart: All 500...

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Durables and Spending: Stuck and Rolling Over

Over the past few months, personal spending, on a year-over-year basis, has been improving. Perhaps this is the stabilization that we have been hearing about. But, behind the headline numbers is the reality that we are looking at no change during the past year. Comparisons are getting easier and we...

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Links and Reading for November 27th

Some of the more interesting and important items for November 27th :

Dubai Woes May Escalate to `Major Sovereign Default,’ Bank of America Says – How bad is this?
S&P 500 Temporarily Falls to 20 Day Moving Average, Russell 2000 Back to “Broken” – Small caps look awful
Food banks nationwide...

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Chart: All 500 Stocks are DOWN (Dubai Effect)

Friday morning we witnessed the hangover from the Dubai scare for markets around the world. In fact there was an indiscriminate sell-off and all 500 of the stocks in the S&P 500 index are down in early trading.

Markets close early in the U.S. and many traders have been said to...

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