Month: June 2009

Chart: Survey of Unemployment

Below is the latest long term survey for unemployment,   needless to say analysts have a wide range of potential outcomes. Note that the Fed will stay consistent with their views as they are locked into assumptions made with the stress tests. If the deviate, banks will need to raise...

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85/15 Down Day, With Some Help at the End…

It was an interesting day. Volume on the downside was high and it was a broad based sell off led by Energy and Material companies.

For most of the day, the S&P 500 stayed in negative 2% territory and there was a point that 92% if the stocks in the index...

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NYSE Volume Reversal Day

It is important to track sentiment indicators and volume (up/down) is one that can provide us with clues as to what investors are thinking. I like this particular chart that we watch regularly to help discern the daily preferences and the extent of buying and selling pressure.

Notice that on the...

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TDI Podcast 111: Kevin DePew on Technical Indicators

Guest: Kevin Depew, Minyanville discusses technical indicators and how thy can be used to assist investing decisions. We also review market conditions and a few economic indicators.


Kevin Depew is the Executive Editor of

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