Month: June 2009

Marketshare: Google still dominates

Marketshare tracks a multitude of information concerning browsers, search engines, mobile platforms and much more. Just to see if there is any competition, we thought tht it would be a good idea to check in with them again regarding any changes in trends.

Sure enough, the trend has not changed… it...

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Economic Update

We have been watching the economics with a close eye, even as there has been little correlation to the actual markets of late. But, there is a starting to be a concern that there is finally a respect being shown to these important numbers.

Last week there was a significant increase...

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Consumer Confidence Slips

Consumer Confidence slipped by 10% month over month overall and missed economists expectations by a similar margin. Even more appalling is the fact that expectations on future conditions dropped by 6 points or approximately 8%. This means that not only are consumers less confident about the current environment,...

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Audio: DHUnplugged – Market Finally Ready to Tank?

Here is the latest conversation new insights for anyone who invests in anything. Is the bull market over?

(Listen to Episode #25 below or on iTunes or Zune)

Go to to see the Rolling Stone Article on Goldman Sachs where the author calls Goldman: “A Giant Vampire Squid Wrapped around the...

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Japan Rebound is “SET” Or is it False Start

It appears that the stimulus plan is setting up to provide Japanese manufacturing a ramp up as they refill inventories. Electricity use is climbing as well, even though last week a report showed that exports were DOWN 50%, year over year.

Now, one of the side effects of the government stimulus...

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