Report: The Changing Face of Home Ownership

We have been looking into the changing demographics of homeowners and considering if that holds and significance. The excerpt and report is below….


Why do we feel so compelled to own a home?

There is a massive and continuing problem within the real estate sector. That is nothing new to many. Unfortunately, we have no one else to blame but ourselves as we knew, deep down that something was not quite right with the lending practices going back as early as 2006. Yet, many of us chose to disregard the warning signs since there was opportunity for personal gain that outweighed the risk. Even if that were not true, who would have wanted to step forward and spoil the party for others?

If you really think about it, most of the economic problems we are experiencing today are a direct result from America‘s obsession with home ownership. Ever since our ancestors began colonizing and settling near Plymouth Rock people have pursued the right to life, liberty and property. It is the American Dream to own a home, start a family, have a dog, and surround it all with a white picket fence. Unfortunately, the dream morphed into a nightmare that has effectively destroyed our economy.

Download the report here:

The Changing face of Home Ownership (PDF)