TDI Podcast 107: Curzio – Stocks Under $10

Guests: Frank Curzio, and David Wheelock, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis on markets, money andstocks. Frank and Andrew spend some time discussing how to find stocks which are both poised for growth and are priced under $10. We also discuss the week ahead and some interesting actions that need to be considered ahead of the stress test results.


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David Wheelock discusses the reasons why we are in a GLOBAL recession. He recently authored a report entitled The Global Recesssion which can be found HERE (pdf). In addition, the St. Louis Fed site had a great section on “Tracking the Recession.” Click HERE to see charts and indicators.

Frank X. Curzio is a research analyst at, where he works closely with Jim Cramer and writes Stocks Under $10 newsletter. He also hosts “The Real Story” ”” a daily podcast on on which he reviews the latest headlines and offers stock-picking advice. He is a regular guest on FoxBusiness News and previously was the editor of The FXC Newsletter and portfolio manager for Greentree Financial.

Also discussed in this episode: