Month: March 2009

Video: How I Profited Since August

My recent success with MSN Money’s Strategy Lab is discussed with Nancy Zambell during a recent visit to The Money Show.

Shorting the double short ETFs. shorting MasterCard, Selling Manhattan and going long with well planned stops and limits.

We used The Disciplined Investor Managed Growth...

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Video: Are ETFs to Blame?

The debate rages on. Cramer has been concerned and raising interest in this again as we have been watching the continuation of the very unusual trading after 2pm daily. Then of course there are the 3:30pm moves that have yet to be fully explained. It appears that there are several...

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TDI Podcast 98: Why is Buffett discussing Venereal Disease?

Guests: Vad Yazvinski and Mish Shedlock talk about all that is wrong with our banking system. Bailouts and bustouts, preferences and preferreds. It is a horrific mess. We review Buffett’s annual letter as well as the reasons behind why the U.S. is keeping Citibank (C) alive.

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Links and Reading for March 1st

Some of the more interesting and important items for March 1st :

Breathtaking – Mr. Santoli’s Eloquence – Just remember, when Mike turns bearish, I am all in…. But it is nice to see that the my earlier thoughts of the 2 things to own in a deep recession: Beer and...

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Sunday Fun: The Downturn – In Graphics

The BBC online has a great page that shows some of the key points of the economic crisis, in graphics. Here is one that shows bailouts and failures.

In addition, there are charts and tables along with bubble-graphs that compare the size (enormity) of the global spend.

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