Month: March 2009

Report on Mutual Fund and ETF Outflows

Domestic Mutual Funds and ETFs continue to show outflows as reported by Trim Tabs. It appears investors are rotating to more conservative investments despite the underlying rally in stocks. See report below.
TrimTabs Estimates All Equity Mutual Funds Post Outflow of $10.7 Billion in Week Ended Wednesday, March...

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Geithner’s Slip Causes Dollar Volatility

Truth be told, there still hasn’t been any sign of a recovery other than speculation on the effectiveness of government intervention. Timothy Geithner once again fumbled in a speech today to the council for Foreign Relations suggesting he was open to a global currency proposed by China causing a...

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TDI Podcast 101: An ETF Insider Talks

Guest: Tim Middleton, MSN Money discusses the direction of markets and how ETFs fit in. Do we have another leg down for the markets or is it up, up and away? The effect on the markets from the recent Fed/ Treasury action and what is in store for us for...

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Chart: 4 Bad Bears revisited

Where do we go from here?

The new plan from the Treasury and the big bucks from the Fed sure got the party rolling today. Could this be the end of the pain? Somehow, it does not seem that way, considering that the most recent estimate for...

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