Month: February 2009

Links and Reading for February 27th

Some of the more interesting and important items for February 27th :

U.S. Treasury says to convert Citi shares to common – Game Over..
Obama’s unveils $3.6 trillion budget for ‘new era’ – OH BOY!
Bernanke’s Commentary – Bernanke sheds light on FOMC's perspective.
Yahoo CEO plans major overhaul: reports (Horowitz)...

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Audio: DH Unplugged #17

FYI; You can go to DH Uplugged for the new site that will provide the link for the iTunes store version and subscription (Free). Use that for now on for the RSS FEED of the show and to get up to date information.


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Taxpayer Paid Party at Northern Trust! Concert and Drinks…

It seems that there are several concerned in Washington about the massive spending spree that went on with money from Northern Trust. What appears to be a rampant abuse of taxpayer money has a few feathers ruffled. Golf outings, Cheryl Crow concerts and drinks, drinks, drinks… Party on finance-boys!

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Is Buffett Getting Margin Calls?

Perhaps it is nothing more than wild speculation at this point, but rumors are popping up on the street that Warren Buffett may have received margin calls related to derivative/option investments. Yes, these are the same type of investment that Mr. Buffett has termed, “financial weapons of mass destruction.” As...

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Videos: Is the White House Threatening Rick Santelli?

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (smugly) tries to debunk Rick Santelli’s rebel rousing comments seen on CNBC late last week. In the beginning of the clip, he asks
“…I am not entirely sure where Mr. Santelli lives or what kind of house he lives in…”

Was that intended to...

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